Music - Özgür Baba - Live Concert (Folk Music from Turkey)

  Özgür Baba currentliy living in the midst of nature by himself, plays his saz (a musical…

Aphorism - Heart's Cemetery

In each cemetery, trees with the most beautiful flowers of the world may bush out!…

Rammstein - Deutschland (lyrics)

Music around the world is the most popular form of musical poetry. In our blog,…

Aphorism - Love and Marriage Today

We do not fall in love anymore, we simply fall in pre-marriages. We can not…

Music - Altın Gün - Goca Dünya (Turkish Psychedelic Rock - Live on KEXP)

Today, I want to present you another great example of Turkish alternative rock music. This…

Aphorism - Discovering the Literature

Literature is like underwater worlds waiting to be discovered; but first, you need to learn…

Aphorisms Blog

Aphorisms written by Meo since 2009 are published in this section on a daily basis. All aphorisms are supported by Deviantart images or Deviantart artworks become our source of inspiration.

Poems Blog

My amateur poem trials. Depsite my lack of poetic talents in poetry, all poems in this blog are supported with aphorismic details. Have fun reading.

Essay Blog

This section cosnsits of essays written by our writer, Mehmet Senturk a.k.a Meo on a weekly basis with a view to prepare for writing a good novel. All essays are supported with Deviantart visuals to improve their reflective quality. 

Short Stories

Short Stories blog consists of 1 to 10 page-stories written by Meo. While some stories are written with reference to Deviant images, some of them are a part of short story projects. Have a good reading.

Translation of Literary Works - International Blog

Literary work translations from many writers, poets around the world. Feel free to contribute to our blog with your own translations. All works will be given in English and in its original language.

Amateur Writers' Submissions

As a personal literature blog, we have several sections with works written by Meo, our main writer. However, all guest writers can submit their works in our blog. By this way, our blog will reach more and more readers around the world. 

Music is Universal (Music Blog)

Another section of our blog created with the motto "The best music, you've never heard off!". You can discover many groups, artists and singers from all around the world in this blog. Feel free to suggest us more artists.

Documentary Blog

In our documentary blog, you will find hundreds of great documentaries from well-known sources such as Discovery Channel, History Channel and Nat Geo Wild. 


Section of our blog where lyrics of various music and their video clips are shared on a daily basis.

Info and News

Information and news about contents, usage, sharing rules, web site design and general additions to our blog will be given in this section.

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