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Aphorisms written by Meo since 2009 are published in this section on a daily basis. All aphorisms are supported by Deviantart images or Deviantart artworks become our source of inspiration.

Aphorism - Heart's Cemetery

In each cemetery, trees with the most beautiful flowers of the world may bush out! If your heart turns into a cemetery, you should just provide some sunlight (hope) and water (love) to the soil of your soul so that the past crumbles and the future reblossoms!
- Meo

Aphorism - Love and Marriage Today

We do not fall in love anymore, we simply fall in pre-marriages. We can not love a woman anymore, simply a possible-housewife instead. They do not love a man for just a man himself but a husband for just a man possibly be...
- Meo

Aphorism - Discovering the Literature

Literature is like underwater worlds waiting to be discovered; but first, you need to learn how to hold your breath-thoughts-prejudices. Then, you can go hunting of words in these bright worlds in this darkness. Therefore, while some cowards minds are even afraid of books in their own egoism, brave and open minds are like wise whales of the enlightenment era ruling the waters of literature; wandering in the ocean of literature with their mysterious, curious, long-lasting thoughts..

Aphorism - Catching up Yourself

Life only consists of realizing that you haven't still caught up yourself while tearing around and thinking that you've achieved everything! The most important among awareness is our self that we have yet to recognize..
- Meo

Aphorism - Shackles of Egoism

Shackles of egoism is a different and voluntary state of confinement that changes place of eyes with mind and dictates to your soul by breaking wings of your goodness! 
- Meo

Aphorism - Autumn and Other Seasons

Winter comes suddenly to these dry lands, to masses of stones; spring reaches eagerly the vast plains, to tangled branches and to vases hidden at houses like hopes; summer comes with warm following the sun, to asphalt scented crowd of concrete, to morning chill greening at sea coasts and lights fill all shores; however, autumn comes on purpose, slowly, like a slow ageing, wears its colors one by one, swinging its clouds from pillar to post. Each season makes itself felt, but autumn make itself experienced and grieves its brown tones in every part of life..
- Meo

Aphorism - Relationships and Roles

This life is a strange theater stage, in which people indicating that they become better as much as they love tend to become get ugly as much as they are loved. Neither the author nor the player are apparent, we just play our part in a mess.
- Meo

Aphorism - Laptop Literature

In this era when notebooks have turned into social media websites and when small pocket notebooks are replaced by cell phones in our pockets; laptop literature has evolved electronized paper tissues to colors, themes and electronic connections, but individualization of literary approach related to human, belonging to human and separating human from human has globalized and obtained a popular dimension. Laptop literature is that everybody can write while there are no changes in the fact that everybody cannot be a writer; in a welter of blood, words are leaking from humans' keyboards in this huge battlefield..
- Meo
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Aphorisms - Short Love Quotes

Love is one of the main subjects that we frequently try to define among our aphorisms. This article includes 20 short quotes on definition of love. Enjoy, share, comment, support us! (Click to read all.) 

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