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Aphorisms written by Meo since 2009 are published in this section on a daily basis. All aphorisms are supported by Deviantart images or Deviantart artworks become our source of inspiration.

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Aphorism - Being Late in Life

We are never late in life guys, only some people are perfectly egoist in reflecting the remorse of their rush in life like success, that's it. 
- Meo


Aphorism - Happy Now, But Why?

What if I were brave enough to close my eyes, hopeful enough to look back, patient enough to stay and wait, doubtless enough to believe, idiot enough to beg and pray. However, I've never been. That's why I am happy now...
- Meo
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Aphorism - What Makes Us Human

Everyone thinks himself consisting of his own idiosyncrasies specified by others' idiosyncratic characteristic of identifying others as they wish. So we all consist of others'.
- Meo
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