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This section cosnsits of essays written by our writer, Mehmet Senturk a.k.a Meo on a weekly basis with a view to prepare for writing a good novel. All essays are supported with Deviantart visuals to improve their reflective quality. 

Essay - Self and Respect

  Self and respect are complementary and determinant of each other, nearly the whole of a person! The problem is that the self(I) and esteem(cognition) are also very susceptible to be coded with others, by others, from others and within metamorphosis, to be emphasized, rasped, tumbled and swaged into a shape. Our objective is not to alienate the whole crime, but we have transformed ourselves into convicts as much as to blame others for all the crimes. [One of the essays written by our main author. Enjoy reading. Click the title to read more..]


Essay - What is Aphorism?

As we have shared many examples in our blog, Aphorism and Quotes are other popular modern culture products of a new generation lacking time-space and interest in reading but just glancing at everything, even the most serious words. (A short essay on aphorisms and quotes. Click to read more..)

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Essay - What Do We Write, Why Do We Write?

What do we write and why? Where do we write and to whom? What do we narrate and with whom? Where do words come to our minds in the middle of nowhere, to our pen point; how are digital reflections drawn on screens of subjects? [An essay on answers to all these questions in our article. Click the title to read more. Enjoy.]

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Essay - Random Sentences

We have spent our lives searching for meaning in the randomness of the universe’s great chaos.. At a random time, in a random geography, in this worldly convergency gifted us by stardust, our wonder stacks, called civilization, have always looked for order. We’ve never been able to accept our random existence, but spent our wisdom by selling consistency in the hell of our mind established among our random ideas. [An essay on universe and life. Click to read more. Enjoy!]

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Essay - An Essay on Ignorance

  In recent past, I have wrote many aphorisms on subject of ignorance. Then, I have written an essay based on many unseen modern perspectives. I would like to offer this essay for views of you, readers, who like reading philosophical essays. I tried to approach the subject from different points of view without surrendering to cliches, I hope you enjoy this article. [Since the essay is a  bit larger, I also added a music to listen during reading. Click to read more..]

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