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Essay - Self and Respect

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  Self and respect are complementary and determinant of each other, nearly the whole of a person! The problem is that the self(I) and esteem(cognition) are also very susceptible to be coded with others, by others, from others and within metamorphosis, to be emphasized, rasped, tumbled and swaged into a shape. Our objective is not to alienate the whole crime, but we have transformed ourselves into convicts as much as to blame others for all the crimes. As a matter of fact, one of the thousands of somersaults that people do while evolving from piles to masses, from masses to individuals, is that isolated self-suffocates with various delusions and becomes problematic. Self and respect are also as such.. Each of them is a concept that has been presented to us, a bit real, a little commonplace, a little important, a deep meaning left in the midst of crowds.

  Life has been shaping up around humans for thousands of years, and mankind callous with their thoughts to keep pace with them. Among the most callous thoughts include self and our direct relation with it. From now on, this self-esteem issue, to which greatest meanings of the modern age are attributed, tends to become problematic in parallel with levels of awareness, education, loneliness and economic independence among people.

  It’s becoming hard to get to know ourselves, in this social world where we forget to recognize others.
  It's becoming hard to like ourselves, among all our potentials that we can’t go out and show to society. 
  As our freedom seems to multiply and it cannot be experienced, we are confined to the bars of our thoughts.

  This is life, and it is the war of adaptive troubles with lazy selves in which we seek self-esteem. As long as what we seek in ourselves are those what we see in others, our self makes no headways. Our thoughts are copies from others, in a mess in our learn-by-route educated brains, unsalted, tasteless and disrespectful even to oneself.

  Know your essence, just according to your own opinion, suppress that rebel in your self, and make harmonious one happy! Learn respect, first to yourself, especially in the eyes, tongues, words and movements of others. The world is full of travelers who seemed like much traveler but already died without discovering themselves! Don’t be one of them. Search for yourself (especially in your meanings), instead of complaining about what you find, you have to provide the best in a respectful way. That is because, if it is a mistake (like love) and it will be always done, the problem is not you, but the problem is dictatable.

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