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Essay - What Do We Write, Why Do We Write?


What do we write and why? Where do we write and to whom? What do we narrate and with whom? Where do words come to our minds in the middle of nowhere, to our pen point; how are digital reflections drawn on screens of subjects? [An essay on answers to all these questions in our article. Click the title to read more. Enjoy.]

What Do We Write, Why Do We Write?

  To begin with, we need to learn to write in order to scrabble something, to make sense. Then, we need to overcome the voices that have refrain us from writing.. As soon as we turn a deaf ear to all the voices that keep us busy, then we start listening to voices coming from depths of our minds. We throw a stone deep into our brains, as deep as our souls are. Such wavy sound is heard when our thoughts find the bottom. It begins the moment we confuse our stagnant subconscious, words thrown in greatest storms lose control, then we tastefully look at this intellectual destruction occurring in writings. Here, then, it is called writing.

  We live in a far too distant future to rediscover the writing! We are still in an era of ignorance to retry writing. We are so naive to believe in many verbal lies-tales rather than reading the written things, still. Stubbornly..

  Writing is a rebellion against speaking. Reading is a rebellion against listening. Just like questioning against believing and literature against meanings.. We build a new city in every paragraph, new buildings around ideas. We go into battles where every dot falls like a bomb, sometimes our youth is crushed under the rubble of letters, sometimes we make letters our blankets on a winter night when we’re getting old peacefully. 

  Why do we write? There’s no answer to this. To be able to speak again with ourselves, on the eve of every new reading? To communicate secretly in an inter-age statement? There’s not a definite line.

  Who do we write to? There’s not a target for that. Do we meet every reader, in the love of every word gaining meaning at first glance? Do we introduce every reader to a foreigner and common other reflecting us in his/her mind? There’s not a definite name. 

  Where are we writing? It is not important. This is only our modern and stubborn effort to sustain our thousands of years old urge to leave a trace in unique trash of digital world. Sometimes we attach insignificant, inconsistent, meaningless sentences to the most elaborate digital designs of literature, where, in the past, the most beautiful poems were written on insignificant napkins. Our goals are now turning into our means.

  There’s a therapy in writing, regardless of who, where, and to whom. Ability to write has a spell regardless of objective, means, meaning and readability. Writing is the sincerest friend you have yet to meet in your life, listening and understanding what you say. It is the biggest problem. When it comes to writing, each sentence you write as you understand yourself is only looking for a matching thought similar to you. All the rest of same-language-speakers are reading your notes in a foreign language. Writing is a small detail just like trusting a few-million minority due to speaking the same language while we can’t speak the same language as a few small billion people. Being sure that we can be understood. Trusting that we can narrate. Our most grandiloquent sentences scream bitterly in the name of receiving each other’s support in common fights of our subconscious. Either we are defeated in this war and wiped out or we can start a riot in this war and get the whole world on their feet. 

  Every sentence written on earth, every book, every whole of systematic drawings are sacred; as long as not read. This is the summary of the part why we’re writing. Not so far-a few centuries ago, there were the most sacred people and beings in the eyes of normal people just because they poured a few verbal scriptures on a few written parchments. Still are they. As long as the whole world cannot learn to spill the same language, the same letters with the same meanings, writing will only be self-battle of egos who want to universally prove their sacred and local thoughts. In a way that loses all its features when it is read.. Writing is a normal effort that is generalized at the time of being read. For the most part, writings are lost in journals that people keep to themselves as very special memories. Most common subconscious and unconscious narratives written as most commonly are those that can be best-understood, that are the most readable, most valuable and immortal in literary value; the reason is that our common points remain constant beyond time and human. And writing is just another weapon of this stability!

  You can write a script that doesn’t narrate anything; dozens of people with a lot of information you don’t know may use it as more beneficial than you. You can write a script explaining everything; hundreds of people who have no knowledge may judge it more useless than you. Writing is all about thinking while noting down; and it is all about being read, while being shared. All the features, qualifications, expectations and systems in details of this process are just a good way to stretch internal dynamics of a script. Writing is war when its purpose is to prove to another reader that he/she is rude enough not to know how to read and to try giving information to that person; writing is peace when its purpose is to prove another reader that he/she is clever enough to know much more and to open a window to that person! For that reason, there is information in every sentence that makes the world a better place, and there is an infusion in every sentence that transforms the world into a more controlled prison.

  Briefly, writing is to learn to read oneself. Reading, on the other hand, is the ability to write someone else’s mind to your own brain. Just like how writing is to self-share, reading is also the realization of sharing that adds the greatest meaning as the opposite of writing. Therefore, while you write most of your words as much general as to be read, you should conduct your readings as if they were giving an example in the most general sense. Each random letter combination has meaning only when they are given that meaning; it is not immortal. Every random thought, however, is a beauty engraved in your mind as a result of a gathering of thousands of years of human accumulation. To attach a beautiful landscape to paragraphs (to be able to write), you must first photograph the present by thinking the past and then the future.

  In every sentence we embrace, we open a new conversation with a foreign mind that we also embrace. We become friends with someone in every sentence we can understand each other, we enjoy reading in every script we understand. That’s why writing is an act of pleasure! Write with pleasure, write arbitrarily. Read with pleasure, read arbitrarily. There is no other choice. 

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