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Essay - Random Sentences

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Random Sentences

  We have spent our lives searching for meaning in the randomness of the universe’s great chaos.. At a random time, in a random geography, in this worldly convergency gifted us by stardust, our wonder stacks, called civilization, have always looked for order. We’ve never been able to accept our random existence, but spent our wisdom by selling consistency in the hell of our mind established among our random ideas.

  This feeling of regulation that the human mind includes to our lives and this venom of thinking instilled to human ego will always continue to resist against randomness of life and the universe. While the mankind are wasting their lives to provide explanations (or make up) to any systems that they cannot control, they feel great shock by the timeless-placeless consciousness of being a guest to the world at a random time and space. This shock is combined with rage; and it returns to us as destruction, wars, faith fights and wasted lifetimes-lives-future. That is why, despite all the progress, development, painful historical events left behind, mankind insists on same mistakes. This is also why only coherent events in such randomness are in our evilness and stupidity: we’re stubborn in this organized nonsense belonging to us.

  There is a great irregularity in which we seek the order, we fictionalize certain ignorance judgments at this deposit time we live randomly, and we carry out these judgments as orders of belief and nationality. We have been drawing certain boundaries to ourselves for years, for centuries, for many disorders in the middle of nonsense free from questioning, questions and lies completely! While a few naïve approaches would be enough to find ourselves, we continue to instill our own static mistakes by ignoring random approaches of life in our self-complex efforts to explain. Despitefully..

  Every time we persist against the god of coincidence, a certain defeat will await us, but we never learn, we never get wiser-even though we look very smart!

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