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Essay - What is Aphorism?

What is Aphorism?

  As we have shared many examples in our blog, Aphorism and Quotes are other popular modern culture products of a new generation lacking time-space and interest in reading but just glancing at everything, even the most serious words. During times when writing had not been discovered yet, oral literature constituted of long and longer myths, tales and legends passing from generation to generation, however, after many developments starting from the discovery of writing, we have reached an era that produces maximum amount of literary data but consuming, learning, reading or listening less in magnitude. In such a time-limited environment, quotes or more specifically aphorisms have become more and more popular among readers. Although quotes may seem quasi-literary works of random writers around the world or simply small portions of larger works, aphorisms are more complex, more detailed and more philosophical compared pop-culture quotes written on many random subjects.

  What differs aphorism from quote is that, while a quote is the most basic form of a larger literary body, an aphorism cannot be as simplistic as quotes in terms of form, meaning and its message hidden beneath lines. Quotes convey meaning, on the other hand, aphorisms create meaning!

  For these reasons, our blog has a section called Aphorism Blog, and another micro blog called Love Quotes. Although these blogs contain many definitions of love, human beings, life and our relationships, when I publish daily writing on love, for example, the approach for this general matter may bear a quality closer to quotes, instant products of literary expression of any subjects. But my aphorisms seem more complex in manner, form and meaning.

  Aphorisms may be defined as words-formula of any concepts. In any aphorisms, words create a formula towards solving an equation, mainly a philosophical one. That's because aphorisms can be understood clearly if they accomplish solving any problems stated within its sentences. Some more complex expressions may not be conceived positively, since they are dark humor perspective of modern pains. Dark aphorisms may reflect modern hive of human structures. Definitions, in general, approach any objects in a direct manner; aphorisms break any objects into piece to enter into realm of semantic quantum world. Therefore, great writers, such as Kafka, have left us many unsolved formulas in their aphorisms. Great aphorism writers have posed many questions into this mathematical world of thoughts with words. There are many issues to be solved, expresses but not yet explained in our fight against our existence temporary existence in such a vast plain defined as universe..


  To read samples from my aphorism, please visit our Aphorism Blog clicking/touching on OPEN SIDE MENU on the left.

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