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Essay - An Essay on Ignorance

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On Ignorance


  Primarily, we need to discuss a paradox on ignorance faced in modern lifestyle. For centuries, people did not refrain from creating a place for themselves in their relevant knowledge scale of their period and referring others as ignorant either from the past or from their own period. However, a significant semantic shift and paradox to notice in defining ignorance is that: "Ignorant is not the one who does not anything, but the one who knows everything for sure."

  Undoubtedly, our times suit the paradox of ignorance defined above with vast fields of application in daily life. Modern times have become times when information is in the most lucid form both in terms of belief management and in scientific-philosophical sense, when people almost achieve in making themselves ignorant persistently. A poison, called knowledge, hidden behind large walls of castles for hundreds of years, now mingles freely with the crowd leaking into street even with online handheld devices. On the other hand, this poison had adverse effects on managers of ignorance-people I call everythingists. For the last few centuries, religions, scientific approaches, philosophies and lifestyles have been obliged to almost completely evolve to cope up with this change in knowledge and information.

"In the age of information, ignorance is a choice."
Donny Miller
 Very well said by Mr. Miller on the subject, in this century, ignorance is sure a choice. Ignorance is merely a choice independent of any knowledge, information or belief, since they can be all interrelated. In human history, which is still in darkness-by calling some one thousand-year-old past dark ages, nothing has changed-, it would always be wrong to try to rule the universe through accumulation of knowledge by us in such a short notice, namely for a few centuries. The only common ground between our so-called dark times and modern(for who?) times is that human mind in general is in love with darkness due to its lazy structure. Still and relentlessly...

  There is no point in using similar cliches to kill ignorant ones. Humans can be deceived thoroughly by either science or religion with regard to which one is dominant in any times during recent centuries. It is of great importance to accept that there is one way to resolve this issue. The only thing what will take us to ideal world order (not a new lie) and what will eliminate such ignorance we have all along may include establishment of a pool of knowledge and belief like a common universal unconscious and trying to extend such structure. Regardless of any nations praised to the skies, if modern society keep on rising through science but rusting in humanity, rising with science-faith but tyrannizing humanity will only do more harm than good for the world just. There is no difference between a society selling religion as faith tourism with greed and another one transforming its knowledge into a nuclear bomb without faith but with faithless power.

  Therefore, it is crucial not to remain ignorant. If you ask how it would be possible to achieve such objective among information-belief systems trying to become power elites and to exploit, let me state my opinion on that: societies in which everything is free but more is forbidden will persevere! Although this may seem as dilemmatic approach, referring to those expect for all believers and scientists, infinite freedom is the most embittered form of human nature. As extremes score points from ignorance, freedom is aggressive and void. Unless we, humans, come together and cast aside all our borders, clashes of religion and our global economic concerns on behalf of science, bloodshed will not crease, exploitation will not stop, and value of all human values will never be appreciated. The sight of where we lead by crushing others since you and I know something, by despising nonbelievers since you and I believe something has eventually demonstrates the current human hell, called Earth. We need some light to transform this into heaven, to get beyond some limits, to be more insightful, to be a bit normative. While we are free in the name of good, we need to be in a mediating restrictiveness in name of evil, we must be sure that all new generations will be educated to a capacity in which they can learn from their mistakes rather than our persistent mistakes!

The same humans, we are, who campaigned for religious crusades and beheaded people while suggesting no force in religion; the same humans, we are, who destroyed cities with atomic bombs while suggesting that science is for humanity! The same ignorance, the same ignorant, the same order.. -Meo

   Since beginning of our recorded history, our preference is simple and easy: conditional ignorance. And the reason for this is also simple, laziness. Our intellectual laziness easily creates a lazy ignorance to cover our failure in fulfilling our global ego, then we sell this quasi-system to ourselves and our beloved ones. We promote both our beliefs and our scientific attitude in a cheaap way, then we educate new generations each of which is more ineffective then its predecessor. And this outcome is achieved in our-superior-era of technology. What a pity. Ways to overcome ignorance include realizing how important we're as individuals in this simple path, called life, learning many thing to make sure that we are not as ignorant as we were the day before, perceiving what we learn not as realities but as information, and realizing that knowledge and belief are not form of governing but forms of sharing..

  To keep it short, I finish this essay by attaching a few of my aphorisms written on this subject. Please do not hesitate to leave your comments below. Support us by sharing this article on your social media accounts. Best regards and with respect, Meo (a.k.a Mehmet Şentürk).

Self-confidence is the most powerful source of knowledged ignorance.
In the world where ignorance is a prerequisite, knowing to learn is the last choice.
Existing belief exploitation systems are the floods of clouds that are wise enough to question wisdom. The teeth of ignorance are sharp enough to smooth the humanity, the only thing it doesn't count is that humanity can shine as as it is smoothed.
The only God that exists on Earth actively is the knowledge, the only evil is ignorance.


® - 2018 - Meo's Essays Blog
-written by 'Mehmet Şentürk

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