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Our Aphorisms Blog consisting of many aphorisms/quotes written by our main author, Meo (a.k.a. Mehmet Şentürk) is launched. Hundreds of aphorisms will be added on a daily basis. Enjoy our short aphorisms anytime, anywhere by clicking 


  Our aphorisms will feature many subjects including us-humans-, love, philosophical aspects of life, abstract concepts and many more interesting things that can be enjoyed. All aphorisms published in Meo's Aphorisms Blog will be solely written by Mehmet Şentürk, our main author. However, our blog has also a section in which Guest Writers' Aphorism Submissions will be published from time to time.

 Please have a coffee or tea, lean back and start to read our short works of aphorisms in Meo's Aphorisms Blog. Enjoy..

>>> Click Here to Visit Meo's Aphorism Blog!

Best regards,

Meo - Mehmet Şentürk.

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