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Another section of our blog created with the motto "The best music, you've never heard off!". You can discover many groups, artists and singers from all around the world in this blog. Feel free to suggest us more artists.

Music - Eleni Vitali - Ena Xeimoniatiko Proi

As for music discovery in our blog, Eleni Vitali is a diva for us singing great love songs in Greek. One of the masterpiece songs by Eleni Vitali is in our article with its video and lyrics. Ena Xeimoniatiko Proi lyrics in Greek and English can be found in this article. Enjoy.

MeoEdebiyat - Müzik Blog Featured

Music - BEYRIES - The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit Of Happiness is a sweet song by Canadian singer Beyries. Just at the beginning, this song begins to allure listeners thanks to vocal quality of Beyries, and lyrics of The Pursuit Of Happiness also include a visit to inner world of a fighter woman. We recommend you to listen this song and its nice story. Enjoy listening. (Lyrics and video clip in our article. Click here to read more.)

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Music - Nu - Man O To

When it comes to electronic music, I am very picky; no songs without quality, creativeness, a philosophy even in a musical sense can attract my ears. NU, on the other hand, is a Berliner DJ and creates his own sets and songs-mixes with pure creativeness. Man O To (Eng. You and Me) is a quadrant taken from Rumi. Then, the outcome is definitely the anthem of love! A deep, meaningful and great song after all.. [Music - Nu - Man O To video, lyrics and translations are in the article. Click to read more. Enjoy listening.]

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