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Poem - Last Flower


When the last flower faded,
When the last pollen left without a wind,
When the last love forgotten,
The first destruction would begin.

By the last day,
When the last breath cannot be taken,
When the last dreams destroyed,
A new universe would be established.

When the last woman was kissed,
The last man was got sad,
The last time hands separated from each other,
The unhappiness would rule the world for the first time.

In this fairy tale, however,
All this had already happened,
People were unaware,
Their firsts,
Their lasts,
All already ended in their fleeting lives.
That would be why,
For those having heaven in the world,
Their hell would be the death;
For those having hell in the world,
Their dreams would smell like heaven.

Meo - 2018 - Poems Blog
'Mehmet Şentürk

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