Poem - Stories in our Eyes

Published in Poems Blog

Just like sentences finished by glances, 
We seek our hopes with triple dots.

A drop of magic, pouring from lashes,
We draw magics to smiles silently. 
[A short love poem by our main author, Meo. Enjoy.]


Poem - Forbidden Love

Published in Poems Blog

A forbidden love of ours it was,
On gray rashed vomited in green..

Whenever a spring flower touched the tounge of cities,
Poured clouds all rains of love on human-filled temples.. [Click to read more..]


Poem - Poem of Mistakes

Published in Poems Blog

A poem on our constant mistakes about love, life and ourselves. Here is the first quadrant from our poem. Feel free to comment, share and send your own poems to us.

"How much were ours, 
All the good intentions.
How dormant, 
All our things, turned into mistakes." [Click to read more.]

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