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Poem - I Loved You the Most


Loved most,
And tried most.
Knew a lot, learned more,
For many, I ignored loving them.
But only thing, I know for sure,
I loved you the most. 

Days passed,
Sometimes, I thought of nothing.
Some people came,
I uttered inept sentences.
Supposing I loved,
Happened to exist in insufficient passions.
Assuming I forgot,
I, however, always repeated you.

I assumed you in all beautiful lips,
I realized you in all hopeful lies,
I locked you in all reticent walls,
And above all, I loved you the most.

A junction in lives of some people,
Happiness genocide in emotions of some,
I proved rights in wrongs sometimes,
Everyone referred me as themselves,
I never gave up on you.

The most antique verses of love burnt in your wings,
The most hidden loves remained sealed in your lips,
I walked on road that you were gone,
Together with foreigners passing on your steps,
I treated to all those resembling you just like another you.

Independent from their names,
Distilled from their personalities,
Fictionalized from my feelings,
I dreamed a beautiful world,
Growing after you was a real evil,
As much as I said I would remain child,
I was scolded and left alone.
Treating many people just like you,
Only unfair to myself,
How fair I was,
In a dark youth enlightened by the milky way,
I already vowed to gel old with you.

In all my sentences,
In depths,
A good intention remaining from you,
With some stupid sensations,
Wasted, sacrificed..
With all my hopes,
To those all I thought containing a little you. 
In all my consolations,
Those I was tangent to.
All those people thought how much they loved,
They all took credit to themselves,
Whenas I loved you the most,
In their lie-smelling breaths,
They took such feelings too seriously,
In their funny egos.

This curse is as so,
Beyond me.
Since I learned to love from you,
Trying to teach burned hearts,
How much lovelessness has spread,
To those ego-cancerous,
Stranger and cold bodies..

Meo - 2018 - Poems Blog

'Mehmet Şentürk

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