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Poem - Love Is A Poem After All

Don't seek love in poems,
Love itself poem after all.

Don't search feelings in verses,
For easily read from eyes at all.

A thrill, the most beautiful rhyme,
Don't light on sentence ends.

Not necessarily melodic, 
Most beautiful love songs sung in the limelight.

Don't look for poets more,
Their eternal verses'll sure find you.

Once for all, my dear,
Love is also a poem,
Can quite be written on the parchment of faith!

Yet already,
Love can be turned into transcript,
When spring reaches smiles on faces,
As kisses on faces in the holiest verse.

Don't look untimely,
In a wrong poem by a wrong poet,
You all have one-sentence fortune in love,
It sure will bleed on behalf of love,
Either saying 'love you',
Or passing on paths of words with many commas,
Everybody, however, unite in the same place,
And the love is the most naive poem,
As last resort of every emotion..

Meo - 2018 - Poems Blog

'Mehmet Şentürk

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