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My amateur poem trials. Depsite my lack of poetic talents in poetry, all poems in this blog are supported with aphorismic details. Have fun reading.

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Poems without You

Poems without You (1)

A project I was working on for a few months, then I decided to publish these poems in this literary blog. All poems under this category are written by Meo (a.k.a. Mehmet Şentürk) and discuss love and longing.

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Poem - A Poem on the Street

Went out on streets, a poem,
To become lines on walls,
Wounds in hearts,
Longing in souls,
On behalf of its verses.

Born in streets, the poem,
To become a fountain,
Shadow in dells,
For passions hidden in these shadows,
On behalf of its disaffection. (A simple poem about streets, life and the poem itself. Click to read more..)


Poem - Ice Tree

Familiar with winter, 
Lover of life, 
On top of the mountains, 
We're ice trees.

Die without cold,
Dying to live with hope,
Storms spoiling the silence,
Ripping up into glaciers.
 [Click on the title to

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Poem - Forbidden Love

A forbidden love of ours it was,
On gray rashed vomited in green..

Whenever a spring flower touched the tounge of cities,
Poured clouds all rains of love on human-filled temples.. [Click to read more..]

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