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MicroStory - Go to Hell!

 Either wrath of losing or last breath of defeat.. Breakups sometimes rise like an instant scream, killing all the beauties accumulated in an individual. Just like that, somethings were dying in him, fading away in every look of her. The opposite side stood up:

 - I’m going.

- Go to hell...

That’s exactly what he said in reply to this farewell. He couldn’t even hear himself, thousands of different scenarios leaking from his eyes mixed up with rage, he was drowning in thousands of memories, after all these beautiful days. One last time, he summoned up his power and looked at the person poising on him. To hear her last words:

- Is there a hell where you are not?

 This war ended in such a defeat!

Meo - 2018
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'Mehmet Şentürk

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