Short Love Stories

Short Love Stories (2)

A blog consisting of short love stories with one to five paragraphs. These stories are intense in feelings and dialogs. Have a good reading.

ShortStory - Anniversary of Swanless Lake


On her way to work under light breeze autumn morning of Swan Park in Ankara, it is getting more and more difficult every year for Emine to walk with a sleepy body in this city.. In this season, the inner Anatolia was herding the arrival of winter with its cold breeze, even swans were not happy, they had no intention of leaving their nests made of painted boards until the sun reached doors of their nests.  [A short story about love and death. Enjoy reading.]

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ShortStory - At That Point


It’s been exactly 15 years. Another city was rewritten, re-wrecked and rebuilt; trees dispersing around have covered roads, embraced their people in new ways. As in every city, it also became crowded redundantly. Bernard noticed this fact when he left the bus. The next detail that he recognized while walking a little bit, was a market filled with camouflaged soldiers who used to cover that place in green during their weekend leaves. At every step, the differences were striking, and this time, weather was too hot to wear the thin jacket brought to save him for regular breeze of fresh spring season. [A short story about love, remaining at a point. To continue reading, please click on the title.]

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