Want To - Emily Vu (Official Music Video)

Want To - Emily Vu (Official Music Video)

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"Want To - Emily Vu (Official Music Video) " lyrics, "Want To - Emily Vu (Official Music Video) " lyrics writers and "Want To - Emily Vu (Official Music Video) " video clip is below. Have fun watching and listening.

"Want To" Official Music Video out now!! Love you guys and thanks for all your support!
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Verse 1:
Pick you up at ten
Dap me up and then
Go to Raising Canes and get the three finger combo
Roll down the window and listen to the song I just wrote

Sometime after that
We ain’t got no plans
Drive around the night cruisin’ like we’re on Cloud 10
We could spend everyday like this

Just doing what we want to
When we want to
How you want to
If you want to
Let’s spend everyday like this
Let’s spend everyday like this

Verse 2:
On a rainy day
We’ll stay in and hang
Watch an episode or maybe the entire show
Pretend we don't know
That one day this will change (change)
On my way back home
We hop on the phone
Would you believe me if I said I’m already missing you?
Why can’t we spend everyday like this?

Just doing what we want to
When we want to
How you want to If you want to
Let’s spend everyday like this
Let’s spend everyday like this

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