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Aphorisms written by Meo since 2009 are published in this section on a daily basis. All aphorisms are supported by Deviantart images or Deviantart artworks become our source of inspiration.

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Aphorism - Timeo Hominem Unius Libri

Fear the savage living creatures with enchained tongues, trapped in their minds, id est humans.. Fear the humankind that can live in such bluenose stability despite thinking as much! Either become braver by reading, thinking and questioning more, or find an explanation to all your evils without thinking; life is as simple as that. You'll be good or bad.
- Meo


**Timeo Hominem Unius Libri: Eng. I fear the man of a single book.

Aphorism - Those to Beg for Forgiveness

All dark ages, dark beliefs and dark humans constitute an apology that God-worshiped cruelly by those living as much relaxed as to get bored-should apologize from those who acquiesced while their lives were taken off ruthlessly! Rather than hiding as the author of all these, it should show up and pay the price before history; just to save us from humans who call humans to account on behalf of itself.. Or else, there is no meaning, as never before-never will be.
- Meo

Aphorism - Catching up Yourself

Life only consists of realizing that you haven't still caught up yourself while tearing around and thinking that you've achieved everything! The most important among awareness is our self that we have yet to recognize..
- Meo
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Aphorism - 10 Aphorisms on Love

In our Aphorisms Blog, we try to reflect love and its related feelings from various points from time to time. In this article, we provide you ten definitions of love, featured for you. [Please click the title to read 10 quotes on Love.]

Aphorism - Contrasting Colors of Love

Contrasting colors of love are very powerful for people in proving themselves. Sometimes, a person falls in love what he seeks in himself as much as to go blind; and sometimes, a person defines himself with what he finds in others, as much as to get abstracted from all feelings.. Love is the sea of contrasting colors. 
- Meo
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Aphorism - Being Late in Life

We are never late in life guys, only some people are perfectly egoist in reflecting the remorse of their rush in life like success, that's it. 
- Meo


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Aphorism - Life

Life is euphoria of death, death is the final discharge. Time as a slipshod debt without achieving and finishing, as a thing that cannot be appreciated as long as taken on the never, never to be saved.

Aphorism - Discovering the Literature

Literature is like underwater worlds waiting to be discovered; but first, you need to learn how to hold your breath-thoughts-prejudices. Then, you can go hunting of words in these bright worlds in this darkness. Therefore, while some cowards minds are even afraid of books in their own egoism, brave and open minds are like wise whales of the enlightenment era ruling the waters of literature; wandering in the ocean of literature with their mysterious, curious, long-lasting thoughts..
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