Who is Meo?

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Our literary blog is a personal blog with submissions from our guest writers. However, main poems, aphorisms and essays will be added by our main writer with a nick 'MEO. Meo is a small name I (Mehmet Şentürk) have been using in many online games and social media. All my social media addresses is 'meosenturc'. Details are in the article. Click to read more.

Who is Meo - Mehmet Şentürk?

  Briefly a translator (English-Turkish), a lecturer at a Turkish university, a lover of writing in all genres. Lover of music and nature.. Living in far east of Turkey recently, working as an English Lecturer at a university, Meo is nickname in World of Warcraft game for ten years, and this nick also the main character of my bildungsroman I have been writing for so long. 

   All poems, aphorisms and essays in this blog (with a title such as MeoAphorism, MeoPoem, MeoEssay etc.) is a reflection of that novel character I have created. This protagonist uses writing in his way of life in the face of many events such as love, society, living, death and so on. All these feelings are reflected genuinely reflected in words written in this blog. Of course in an amateur way..

   For details of my translator career, feel free to visit SenturkTercume.com/en.

  Have a good day, and feel free to send your manuscripts if you want them published here.

Best regards,

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