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My amateur poem trials. Depsite my lack of poetic talents in poetry, all poems in this blog are supported with aphorismic details. Have fun reading.

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Poems without You

Poems without You (1)

A project I was working on for a few months, then I decided to publish these poems in this literary blog. All poems under this category are written by Meo (a.k.a. Mehmet Şentürk) and discuss love and longing.

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MeoEdebiyat - Şiir Blog Featured

Poem - A Soulless Poem

A meaningless verse, we should be,
Should accord to the world order,
As much as necessary,
Should also babble at a push.

A soulless sea darkness,
A dark high tide,
A fierce wave,
A crabby autumn, we should be,
And take our revenge on rocks. [Click to read rest of the poem. Please support us with comments, shares etc.]


Poem - Love Is A Poem After All

Don't seek love in poems,
Love itself poem after all.

Don't search feelings in verses,
For easily read from eyes at all.

A thrill, the most beautiful rhyme,
Don't light on sentence ends. [Click to read the rest. Enjoy.]

LiteraryBlog.net - Poems Blog Featured

Poem - Last Flower

When the last flower faded, 
When the last pollen left without a wind, 
When the last love forgotten, 
The first destruction would begin. [Click on title to read a short poem on a fairy tale about humans] 

MeoEdebiyat - Şiir Blogu Featured

Poem - Poem of Mistakes

A poem on our constant mistakes about love, life and ourselves. Here is the first quadrant from our poem. Feel free to comment, share and send your own poems to us.

"How much were ours, 
All the good intentions.
How dormant, 
All our things, turned into mistakes." [Click to read more.]

LiteraryBlog.net - Poems Blog Featured

Poem - Stories in our Eyes

Just like sentences finished by glances, 
We seek our hopes with triple dots.

A drop of magic, pouring from lashes,
We draw magics to smiles silently. 
[A short love poem by our main author, Meo. Enjoy.]

MeoEdebiyat - Şiir Blogu Featured

Poem - Verses of Pain

Pain alone is just a stimulant.
Thousands of them exist, each one a thin sting.
Considered light by people, both words and letters,
Until their loads and shoulders impair them. [Click on title to read more.]


Poems Without You

Being without you seems a bit without sound,
You were that horrible peace in silence, killing everything around.

Lack of you was the lack of smiles and breath,
According with face of war child just before starving to death. [To continue reading, please click on read more. Enjoy.]

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