Sum 41 - Out For Blood (Official Music Video)

Sum 41 - Out For Blood (Official Music Video)

Today, I want to present you another great example of Turkish alternative rock music. This time a great synthesis of old Turkish Rock style and modern Psychedelic Rock and a great group creating miracle with their covers of old Turkish rock music songs. Our first example in our blog is "Sum 41 - Out For Blood (Official Music Video)" Click our article to read English-Turkish lyrics and listen to this great cover live on KEXP. series,

Watch full Sum 41 - Out For Blood (Official Music Video). All details and information about Sum 41 - Out For Blood (Official Music Video) can de found below.

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The official music video for Sum 41's new single "Out For Blood,'' off their new album 'Order In Decline' out July 19th on Hopeless Records. ??

Produced by: Selfish Entertainment
Directed by: Lee Levin



Zero chances no way out, no solutions, give in now
There’s no point resisting, There’s nobody listening,
Are we just sick, Are we just tired, Apathetic and uninspired
What’s to believe in, there’s nobody leading

So tell me
What’s real
Cause I don’t know if I can feel.

All that we have is just slipping away,
And I don’t believe that it’s gonna be ok
you can’t stop the bleeding it’s almost too late.
You’re leaving us all the behind with hell to pay.

All of the dearly beloved, Your time is up they’re out for blood
Misery made us so hopelessly faithless
And now I can’t believe a single word that you say
Secrets kept, a thin disguise, empty threats Are full of lies. go!
Do what you will you just add to your bill now

So tell me,
What’s right
Cause I don’t see the light.

Silence they don’t hear you calling
The further down you fall
No they’re not there at all
Cause they’re already gone

So tell me
What’s real
Cause I don’t know if I can feel.
So tell me,
What’s right
Cause I don’t see the light.


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