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You already forgot, I’ve known,
I have no place in your life.
But expect me at every dawn
At every sunrise.
I’ll come by a blowing breeze,
I’ll kiss by the sunshine
On your sweet cheeks.
I’ll be a drop in the rain,
A fragrance in roses you smell.
I’ll be the water you sip,
At each sipping, one kissing
On your warm lips.
I’ll be the best dreams,
In your mind the best images
Which is full of peace.
I’ll be your desires, your hopes
That’s fresh like buds of a rose.
Your happiness what I’ll be
Full of excitement which is.
Your smiling what I’ll be
On your vermillen lips.
And when you feel weepy,
I’ll be in your blue eyes
As tears that salty!

Written by M. Murat Gozubuyuk from Turkey. - Guests' Submissions Blog - 2018

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