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How to Submit Your Literary Works


  Our main literature blog serves its readers for a period of 5 years. However, both our Turkish and English language blogs have been opened to public submissions to allow our fellow and amateur writers, young pens, enthusiastic lit-lovers publish their works online for more visibility in this vortex of world wide web. Therefore, we will publish your poem, literary essay, short story and quality aphorism submissions in this section.

Details of submitting your work are given below..

If you would like to submit your work for publishing in our blog, send following details;

  • Genre of your work,
  • Date when your work is written,
  • Name or Nickname for the author,
  • An image suitable for your work taken from site such as (including names of picture/image and its original author)
  • (If any) Your main blog or (if desired) your social media account(s)

to our main e-mail address at [email protected]. Your submissions will be published as soon as possible after a brief analysis. holds the rights to keep publishing process and duration hidden to public.

Please note that, as soon as your works are published on this public web site, they will become public property and they will not be used in literary contests or any black-and-white publishing process. But you will hold the right to sue any third part persons when they publish their work outside this blog without referring to this source blog.

Best regards,
- Meo (a.k.a Mehmet Şentürk).

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