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Aphorisms - Short Love Quotes


Love is one of the main subjects that we frequently try to define among our aphorisms. This article includes 20 short quotes on definition of love. Enjoy, share, comment, support us! (Click to read all.) 

1Love, is the thin line between birth and death. -Meo

2Love, is the most delicate breeze between lie and truth. -Meo

3Love, contains tears shed in the war of eyes. -Meo

4Love, is the most naive state of passion. -Meo

5Love, is the sum of all concessions that should never be given in the first place. -Meo

6Love, is repeatedly written letters, to the future.. -Meo

7Love, may be is just a maybe. -Meo

8Love, starts with you and ends the same. -Meo

9Love, is cold war for some and close contact for some. -Meo

10Love, is the only place where passion is shown. -Meo

11Love, starts at eyes, runs at tongue, ends in mind. -Meo

12Love, consists of lies, if you remove its ornaments. -Meo

13Love, consists of eagerness, at the moment when you understand you've satisfied your desire. -Meo

14Love, is the only word in which emphasis never leads to feelings. -Meo

15Love, is the only glasses making a person blind. -Meo

16Love, is a short and brief fairytale. -Meo

17Love, transforms into faith only when it is modest. -Meo

18Love, consists of numbers, in which results always vary by adding or substracting. -Meo

19Love, is calculation error by hearts. -Meo

20Love, is the playground of faith. -Meo

All aphorisms are written by -Meo, (a.k.a. Mehmet Şentürk), our main author. Please share by adding "-Meo" nickname on your social media accounts. Thanks in advance.

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