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Aphorism - 10 Aphorisms on Love


  In our Aphorisms Blog, we try to reflect love and its related feelings from various points from time to time. In this article, we provide you ten definitions of love, featured for you. Please share any quotes you like on your social media accounts with a little information "-Meo (" added to our quotes. Thanks a lot.


1. Depends on person:

love and war by hakubaikou1

Love is cold war for some people, close contact for others.

2. Is like snowing : 

snoW by Jodmiester1

Just like snowing is love; while initial whiteness excites humans, then becomes a while suffering for those unable to get used to..

3. Lives in glances:


Love is sometimes experienced at first sight, sometimes at every sight.

4. Definitely contains a 'you':

sakura need you by youhaveneverherdofme d4jug2v1

Love is an obsession in which everyone fictionalize a protagonist called "you" and impose all children in their souls to play the same game to the end.

5. Lasts a lifetime!:

Lifelong by LIFEisMUSIC1

Love starts with the first breath as love of life, end with the last breath as a disillusion; all the rest in the middle is just statistic.

6. Some calls making love, calls it making the love..:

Love vs Hate by Picatso1

Though love is neither a memory and a coffee to remember for a lifetime, nor cigarettes lit one by one! Love is not 'making love' but 'making the love'; contrary to all we fail in doing so..

7. Has lots of possibilities and hopes:

7bed4ed6a5d31e01633823d13892cbd1 d4hco7n1

Maybe, love is just another "mayde".

8. Also called as state of insanity:

crazy by ryo says meow d45gyok1

Love is voluntary state of insanity that we fear of living as much as we start to talk about.

9. Answer to some questions:

8b5b0a5c836a26b5c825a6c167b1429b d4fnnxu1

The simplest realities are way more better than the most fantastic lies, and the most basic feelings are the one seemed more complicated such that people live out their lives for finding them. The most complicated moments, sometimes, can be solved easily, for instance, love is sometimes the simplest answer...

10. Knocks the door sometimes:

Her Görüşte Aşk

While love is knocking your door, if you waste your time with questions of 'who is it?', then you can put the blame of even lacking a door to any guests on your door. This is neither the fault of the door and unexpected guests, but your drawbacks and fears in your emotions!


Feel free to read more quotes on love in our Aphorisms of Love Blog. Best regards and with respect, Meo a.k.a Mehmet Şentürk.

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