- How to Start a Literary Blog - How to Start a Literary Blog

  To launch a new blog, you can find various ways, methods and techniques around the web. However, extra technical details may prevent amateur writers from starting their blog initiatives. In our article, you will find easiest ways to start publishing your works online.

  • First, decide your blog's form of publishing,
  • Second, chose publishing environments such as Tumblr, Blogger or self-hosted websites,
  • Third, select your area or genre of publishing (only a poetry blog or overall blog containing multiple genres) 
  • Fourth, select a brand name for your literary blog,
  • Chose your payment plan for self-hosted blogs, or continue as free blog,
  • Find a beautiful design for your blog either free or published options,
  • Establish many social media accounts and start delivering your works,
  • Connect with other publishers and websites for more visibility,
  • Be patient for Google Robots scanning your website,
  • Write on weekly basis (one in two days)

  These items given in the list are perquisites for opening your literary blog. If you are still on your way to publish a blog but not yet decided. You can visit our Guest Writer Submission blog and send your works of art for publishing in our blog. 

  For any questions about literary blog preparations, feel free to contact us.

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