How to Submit Your Literary Works

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Our main literature blog serves its readers for a period of 5 years. However, both our Turkish and English language blogs have been opened to public submissions to allow our fellow and amateur writers, young pens, enthusiastic lit-lovers publish their works online for more visibility in this vortex of world wide web. Therefore, we will publish your poem, literary essay, short story and quality aphorism submissions in this section. Details of submitting your work are given in this article..


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Published in Info and News is a personal literary blog project I started in Sempember, 2014 in a Turkish language blog. Since then, I have published around two thousands of literary works mainly in Turkish. However, as graduate from English Language and Literature department and keen on writing in English, I have always dreamed of an international blog for my own works of art, also for other amateur writers like me. consists of many sub-sections including Poems Blog, Essays Blog, Aphorisms Blog, Short Stories Blog and Music Blog. There is also similar sub-sections for amateur writers' submission. All contents in our main blog sections are written and published by Mehmet Şentürk (a.k.a Meo) and the whole website publishing works are also carried by our main author. [Click to read more about our blog.]

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