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Aphorism - Top 10 Loneliness Quotes

Aphorisms constitute the majority of artworks published in our blog, consisting of around one thousand samples in our main blog currently in Turkish. will also include all these quotes on various subjects in English. During this writing process, loneliness has been a frequently discussed issue in our blog. This article contains 10 quotes on definition of loneliness. Enjoy, comment and share. 

loneliness by murme1

1Loneliness, increases as much as shared and establishes societies.



2Loneliness, is the prerequisite for achieving the most successful things of the world when used smartly.


loneliness by fr1man d354cp41

3Loneliness, is the source where each wrong love rises.


loneliness by siudajSTEJ1

4Loneliness, is the ancient disease of the modern era, primitive delusion of modern social human.


loneliness by ssilence1

5Loneliness, is passive sociability.


Loneliness by Soultz1

6Loneliness, was a great present from you, even I would like to thank for it. But you were never there whenever I tried to speak..


Loneliness by Orzz1

7Loneliness, moral of the story, is a great loss of excitement from passion to love, and a self-obligation as a whole.


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8Loneliness, was the oldest song of the world, which humane ears listened sometimes with sadness, sometimes with cheer and sometimes with amazement against stars..


9862b7bf23508dd7df4ccffeac50bdf6 d2ypkb61

9Loneliness, is the divine war of humane souls. Those who win become angels, those who lose are devils!


Loneliness by anatolkin1

10Loneliness, is the largest part of life, contrary to the fact that human optimism would not change its presence.


All quotes/aphorism are written by our main author, Mehmet Şentürk (a.k.a Meo). Please add -Meo nickname and reference while sharing our quotes. Thanks in advance.

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