Aphorism - Happy Now, But Why?

Published in Aphorisms Blog

What if I were brave enough to close my eyes, hopeful enough to look back, patient enough to stay and wait, doubtless enough to believe, idiot enough to beg and pray. However, I've never been. That's why I am happy now...
- Meo

Aphorism - Near the Boundaries of Imagination

Published in Aphorisms Blog

Near the limits of imagination were all new and hidden worlds.. All truths were hiding from our curiosity, while egoist lies rule our temporary existence in a way to relieve us. Only minds that could blossom under darkness, that could free under sun are those that can see, accept and make other accept new rules outside existing ones-despite our lasting ignorance.
- Meo

Aphorism - Being Fish in the River of Life

Published in Aphorisms Blog

Life is an enormous river, you the fish in this river. Either you may risk death by swimming against tides by complying nature's rules of reproduction for your simplest rules or you may let yourself flow with river and discover new worlds in an ocean no one ever seen. Choice is yours, you are still resting in a whirlpool in the middle of the river.

Aphorisms - Ideals

Published in Aphorisms Blog

There is no place for humans in any formations of ideal world. That's why, the only ones expelled from heaven other than satan are humans.. Only reason why we love and want ideals that much is that we've never been a species that should be in the nature, and never will we be!
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