Aphorism - Discovering the Literature

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Literature is like underwater worlds waiting to be discovered; but first, you need to learn how to hold your breath-thoughts-prejudices. Then, you can go hunting of words in these bright worlds in this darkness. Therefore, while some cowards minds are even afraid of books in their own egoism, brave and open minds are like wise whales of the enlightenment era ruling the waters of literature; wandering in the ocean of literature with their mysterious, curious, long-lasting thoughts..

Essay - An Essay on Ignorance

Published in Essay Blog

  In recent past, I have wrote many aphorisms on subject of ignorance. Then, I have written an essay based on many unseen modern perspectives. I would like to offer this essay for views of you, readers, who like reading philosophical essays. I tried to approach the subject from different points of view without surrendering to cliches, I hope you enjoy this article. [Since the essay is a  bit larger, I also added a music to listen during reading. Click to read more..]


Aphorisms - Ideals

Published in Aphorisms Blog

There is no place for humans in any formations of ideal world. That's why, the only ones expelled from heaven other than satan are humans.. Only reason why we love and want ideals that much is that we've never been a species that should be in the nature, and never will we be!
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