Biography: Michelangelo - artist and man (sr/es)

Published in Documentary Blog

In our documentary series, this time you can watch a new documentary called "Biography: Michelangelo - artist and man (sr/es)". To watch this documentary please click the title or image above. More details and video can be found in the article. Have fun watching.

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Poem - A Poem on the Street

Published in Poems Blog

Went out on streets, a poem,
To become lines on walls,
Wounds in hearts,
Longing in souls,
On behalf of its verses.

Born in streets, the poem,
To become a fountain,
Shadow in dells,
For passions hidden in these shadows,
On behalf of its disaffection. (A simple poem about streets, life and the poem itself. Click to read more..)


Poem - Stories in our Eyes

Published in Poems Blog

Just like sentences finished by glances, 
We seek our hopes with triple dots.

A drop of magic, pouring from lashes,
We draw magics to smiles silently. 
[A short love poem by our main author, Meo. Enjoy.]


Poems Without You

Published in Poems without You

Being without you seems a bit without sound,
You were that horrible peace in silence, killing everything around.

Lack of you was the lack of smiles and breath,
According with face of war child just before starving to death. [To continue reading, please click on read more. Enjoy.]

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