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ShortStory - Anniversary of Swanless Lake

Anniversary of Swanless Lake

  On her way to work under light breeze autumn morning of Swan Park in Ankara, it was getting more and more difficult every year for Emine to walk with a sleepy body in this city.. In this season, the inner Anatolia was herding the arrival of winter with its cold breeze, even swans were not happy, they had no intention of leaving their nests made of painted boards until the sun reached doors of their nests. Emine suddenly stopped while she was moving fast with her steps in harmony with melody of music in her ears. The man was there again, this year. He also came this year, with a bouquet of flowers at the crack of morning, and a red mask drawn on his face by the cold. She should ask this time, and after a few seconds, she decided to wander around the swan pond to talk to that man this time.

  It was the same guy, again. Like the last year.. He was waiting at the same day, in the same season, in the same park, in the early morning, with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. The bad thing was that, last year, when Emine was back from work, she found the previous bouquet left alone sadly near a trash next to bench. But not this time, she would ask the man about the bouquets, because she had never seen such a coherent anniversary anywhere. During this time, while the city had changed from top to bottom, while the park was completely redesigned, she should know about this guy who waited at the same bench and in the same day of the same season.

  She approached the stranger in a shy way. She could only say “Good morning," calmly. The man, who looked at her with a swift enthusiasm, lifted his face down on the ground, he instantly said another name “Leyla?” but subsequently made a sour face. Emine, after noticing the situation, had to interrupt him in amazement, saying “No, you misunderstand, I am Emine,” and explained, “in recent years, I saw you here, waiting in the same place in every season. I wondered why, because last year, I find the flowers you left and put them into vase”. That guy quickly reacted, said, “I think it’s going to be your last bouquet, have a good day,” and he left a bouquet of flowers next to the bench and quickly walked away.

  Emine, who remained in an abandoned manner, without knowing what to do, started to walk away in a puzzled state. But after a few steps, she returned and took the bouquet, thinking she should take the bouquet again. This time, unlike previous bouquets, a letter was attached to it. Although she was hesitating, she took the bouquet and sat in a cafeteria in the corner of the Swan Park, and she ordered a tea. She took the letter in her hands wonderingly, nothing was written on it. Also, it was not closed properly. A little paper came out of it. Emine began to read, while sipping her tea, she sighed as well, the letter had a small paragraph:

  “For years, I have waited for you, Leyla, on the day when you are supposed to visit the place where we have promised to meet. But this time it’s the last. I have to go, from this land, from this city, from this realm of evil. I have to fight. I can’t come to your grave, I regret that. I came only in the hope that God could take you from heaven and bring you to me, anywhere that we should meet. To the school exit, to the graduation ceremony you never had, to your friend’s birthday.. You weren’t in any of them. Just as life took you away from me in that traitorous ambush two years ago while you were coming to me, I had to go and avenge you, I had to enroll for the army, since I have fed up with waiting you in tears until we will meet. I hope you are OK where you went. I love you...”

  While reading these words, noticing the statement “traitorous ambush”, Emine grabbed her phone and visited a few sites, then she found news about a bomb that exploded on October 9 and among the name of people who lost their lives in a terrorist attack was the name written on that letter, waited by that man. Tears run down from her eyes, but she was also late for work. Then, she wrapped her last bouquet tightly and went to work..

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