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ShortStory - At That Point



  It’s been exactly 15 years. Another city was rewritten, re-wrecked and rebuilt; trees dispersing around have covered roads, embraced their people in new ways. As in every city, it also became crowded redundantly. Bernard noticed this fact when he left the bus. The next detail that he recognized while walking a little bit, was a market filled with camouflaged soldiers who used to cover that place in green during their weekend leaves. At every step, the differences were striking, and this time, weather was too hot to wear the thin jacket brought to save him for regular breeze of fresh spring season. He could still choose old side of the renovated city. He was like an old player of a renewed adventure. For an almost completely unfamiliar situation, he tried to seek out details of its own completely. For a while, he could not notice anything.

 When he reached the center of city, he suddenly froze at entrance to the main square. An unworn view before him; a woman and a man wrapped together were just standing there. They just stood there, ignoring those looking at them, and they constituted a whole in the middle of nowhere. He was sure that they were going to hug a bit more, then walk in different directions. He waited, waited a little longer. This time, the view before his eyes didn't change. The crowd around became even more invisible, he was just looking at those two, that duality, like ivies. Suddenly he felt blacking out.. He could only recover in a matter of seconds after someone grabbed him to prevent his falling and said “Are you all right, sir? I think you felt dizzy, and almost fell”. At that point, he immediately tried to look to the point where he had focused just before, and as far as he could see from the gap among a few people gathered around him, earlier view in that square was missing. Maybe it was never there, except for a reflection from decades ago. He could only say, “I didn't have breakfast, maybe my blood sugar dropped. Thanks. I’m gonna eat something right here,” and walked away. He walked back to bus terminal to returned to his home, his life and work on the first bus in a way not to remember why he had landed in that city in that morning, on that day. Life sometimes, at some point, just wants you to meet yourself at that very point, and it does everything it can for this. Life accomplishes this every time.. Most of us remain at that point, starting from that point, finishing at that one, and from time to, we restart from that point on!

Meo - 2018
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'Mehmet Şentürk

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