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Aphorisms written by Meo since 2009 are published in this section on a daily basis. All aphorisms are supported by Deviantart images or Deviantart artworks become our source of inspiration.

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Aphorism - Impossible Loves

Love becomes impossible when it is the excitement of exploring a different self in another skin. Whenever fire and water fall in love with each other, merely rain falls from clouds, hopes burn and lives dry out..
- Meo

Aphorism - Near the Boundaries of Imagination

Near the limits of imagination were all new and hidden worlds.. All truths were hiding from our curiosity, while egoist lies rule our temporary existence in a way to relieve us. Only minds that could blossom under darkness, that could free under sun are those that can see, accept and make other accept new rules outside existing ones-despite our lasting ignorance.
- Meo
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Aprohism - Goodness is Written

Goodness, contrary to what is supposed, is not a default doctrine in human mind. While there are greed, life objectives and selfishness, goodness can only be result of a written education.
- Meo

Aphorism - Contrasting Colors of Love

Contrasting colors of love are very powerful for people in proving themselves. Sometimes, a person falls in love what he seeks in himself as much as to go blind; and sometimes, a person defines himself with what he finds in others, as much as to get abstracted from all feelings.. Love is the sea of contrasting colors. 
- Meo

Aphorism - Silence

Silence is human brain's ability to hear the nature; mind is shocked when free from artificial noise of life; all masterminds and lunatics arise from silence. You either form opinions brilliantly or become insane in the void. A little silence is enough to achieve this!
- Meo

Aphorism - Top 10 Loneliness Quotes

Aphorisms constitute the majority of artworks published in our blog, consisting of around one thousand samples in our main blog currently in Turkish. Literaryblog.net will also include all these quotes on various subjects in English. During this writing process, loneliness has been a frequently discussed issue in our blog. This article contains 10 quotes on definition of loneliness. Enjoy, comment and share. 

LiteraryBlog.net - Aphorisms Blog Featured

Aphorism - On Fear

The most interesting aspect of fear is that it consists of doctrines of the facts we are prone to believe and trust by turning our back to knowledge mostly. 
- Meo
LiteraryBlog.net - Aphorisms Blog Featured

Aphorism - Ideas as Weapons-Pens as Bullets

As in the form of producing and using all weapons and bullets around the world, ideas are weapons, pens are bullets. Only thing necessary is the requirement to meet correct weapon with correct bullets; if you cannot achieve this correctly, you will become either ignorant or killer. As much as knowledge, ignorance has also been independent of time and space for thousands of years. If you cannot write down your ideas as bravely as an ignorant pulls the trigger of a gun, it means ignorance wins and you lose!

Aphorism - Being Fish in the River of Life

Life is an enormous river, you the fish in this river. Either you may risk death by swimming against tides by complying nature's rules of reproduction for your simplest rules or you may let yourself flow with river and discover new worlds in an ocean no one ever seen. Choice is yours, you are still resting in a whirlpool in the middle of the river.
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