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Poem - Forbidden Love


Forbidden Love

A forbidden love of ours it was,
On gray rashed vomited in green..

Whenever a spring flower touched the tounge of cities,
Poured clouds all rains of love on human-filled temples..

It was the love of a dirty working day felt towards forest,
Even missing stars during a full moon night without stars..

Crawing in libs of those meadows where we couldn't kiss,
We were just yeasts of touching grass barefoot in any dreams..

Stubborn we were,
Saying "At last, one day,"
"One day, we would find nature of peace,"
As if proving, again, our artificial existence..

We created a forbidden love, 
In a modern, cold, silo thinking pleasure!

Possessed with a forbidden love,
In screams for renewal at each breath.

Failed to meet,
Will do so,
Unless nature completely conquer our cities,
Never will love-children of new world be born,
Unless all concrete fused in blood of soil!

Meo - 2015 - Meo's Poems Blog
'Mehmet Şentürk 

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