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Poem - A Soulless Poem


A Soulless Poem

A meaningless verse, we should be,
Accord to the world order,
As much as necessary,
Also babble at a push.

A soulless sea darkness,
A dark high tide,
A fierce wave,
A crabby autumn, we should be,
And take our revenge on rocks.

A homeless servant, we are,
A traveler without path,
In a mountless climb,
Should be lost in fallacy of the right..

Bu we could not.

Incurred the wrath of green,
In relentless blood-color soils,
To write soulless poems
Fallen for magic of love,
Humans' je ne sais quoi,
Brightness of the eye,
Taken from what not exist,
Mixed with what won't happen.

There was no one to make it happen,
We stayed and wait,
Nobody even asked us,
In the form of "Who we wait".. 

Even if they asked,
We were searching for answers.
Even hither and thither.

Today we should be a pitiless observation,
Make humanity's bleed,
Extend discussions of the imaginary,
Spill the inner piece on the way to fight for justice.
Just to spite against injustices,
All in all if necessary,
Until burning mountains down to stones,
Kill the bad on behalf of the good.

It is now time to escape,
The soil of soulless ones,
Who learn the truth from wrong,
Whose wrong stamps in heart,

Who cross Creator's path for sake of the creation,
It is now time to run away in a step..
Right in time,
Need to pass beyond time, as a matter of fact!

We will not do that,
So it was necessary to write a soulless poem to this.
And I did. 
As a word to the wise..

Meo - 2018 - Poetry Blog
'Mehmet Şentürk

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