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Poem - Poem of Mistakes


Poem of Mistakes

How much were ours,
All the good intentions.
How dormant,
All our things, turned into mistakes.

Looking with an eye of a stranger,
To the wounds, opened with a false word.
An escape of ours,
We escape from ourselves in others.

Spring is ours, however,
We run into houses in the winter.
Having warm excitements, but,
We protect ourselves from our cold sides.

It’s no one’s fault,
We know it well.
No explanations, for our mistakes,
We fall in love with people, as our excuses,
Making thousands of mistakes,
We look for scapegoats in love.
It’s our biggest mistake! 
Thinking of ourselves as the center of universe,
With our tiny thoughts,
Building big castles in the air.

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'Mehmet Şentürk

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