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BEYRIES | The Pursuit Of Happiness | MeoEdebiyat - Müzik Blog

  The Pursuit Of Happiness is a sweet song by Canadian singer Beyries. Just at the beginning, this song begins to allure listeners thanks to vocal quality of Beyries, and lyrics of The Pursuit Of Happiness also include a visit to inner world of a fighter woman. We recommend you to listen this song and its nice story. Enjoy listening. 

  With the first single hit of her first album, Landing, Beyries achieves in offering joy to our ears with her colorful sound and good narrative in lyrics. Enjoy listening and do not forget to visit her page at YouTube. 

BEYRIES - The Pursuit Of Happiness (Lyrics)

I’m a lonely warrior
Trading my guns for a nice sky
I’m light as a feather
Since I confessed to my mother

I couldn’t go further
Wearing the boots of my father
Yes I can do better
‘Cause my name is not Robert
Is not Robert

When we laugh for the summer
I wish I had that pink bicycle
Go hide from the others
Paint my face like a warrior
I’m a warrior
I’m a lady in a mister
Followed my heart and my nature
I couldn’t go further
‘Cause my name is not Robert
I’m a warrior
I’m a warrior
Call me lady, call me mister
That mission won’t kill the warrior

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