Music - Özgür Baba - Dertli Dolap (Folk Music from Turkey)

Music - Özgür Baba - Dertli Dolap (Folk Music from Turkey)

  Özgür Baba living in the midst of nature by himself, plays his saz (a musical instrument used by Turkish folk singers). Selecting verses from Yunus Emre, an ancient poet, the song is about a tree transformed into a wardrobe but not feeling happy. Lyrics and video of the song is in our article, have fun listening.

  The Song’s lyrics are from a poet, Yunus Emre. Songs and poems need more than translation because they have many metaphors he meant one of the tree has been taken apart from a forest as himself, he asks wardrobe why do you moan? And it answers “I was a tree, with no taste, I was praying for God, that’s why I’m moaning, They found me on the mountains, cut down my branches, I was praying, that’s why I’m moaning and he says himself Yunus whoever come here never smile, no one reaches his desires, no one is immortal, I have sorrows that’s why I’m moaning”

On the first year of Elif'in Hecesi; Özgür Baba again with his ancient friend cura and the words of Yunus...

English Translation of Lyrics:

Original Lyrics in English(Wardrobe, Why Do You Moan?)


Water-wheel, why do you moan?
For I've troubles, I moan.
I fell in love with the lord,
That is why I moan.

My name is troubled water-wheel,
My water flows pure,
Thus, as the Lord wishes,
For I've troubles, I moan.

They found me on a mountain,
They broke my arms and wings,
They found me fit for a water-wheel,
For I've troubles, I moan.

I'm a tree of a mountain,
Neither sweet, nor bitter,
I'm thankful to the Lord,
For I've troubles, I moan.

They cut off my branches,
Destroyed all my order,
Yet, I'm an unwearied poet,
For I've troubles, I moan.

I take my water from below,
I turn and pour it high,
See what i suffer from,
For I've troubles, I moan.

Yunus, comes and finds no joy here,
The tree will never grow,
No one remains in this mortal world,
For I've troubles. I moan.


Original Lyrics in Turkish (Dolap Niçin İnilersin - Türkçe Sözleri)


Dolap niçin inilersin
Derdim vardır inilerim
Ben Mevla'ya âşık oldum
Anın için inilerim

Dağdan kestiler hezenim
Bozuldu türlü düzenim
Ben usanmaz bir ozanım
Derdim var inilerim

Ben bir dağın ağacıyım
Ne tatlıyım ne acıyım
Ben Mevla'ya duacıyım
Onun için inilerim

Beni bir dağda buldular
Kolum kanadım yoldular
Dolaba layık gördüler
Derdim var inilerim

Yunus bunda gelen gülmez
Kişi muradına ermez
Bu fanide kimse kalmaz
Derdim vardır inilerim


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