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Music - Hugo Barriol - On The Road

Hugo Barriol - On The Road (Clip Officiel) © naïve, une division de Believe

   In our music blog established with the motto Music is Universal, we are trying to give place many songs from all around the world. Our latest discovery is from France. Singer and songwriter of folk-rock genre song, Hugo Barriol is our article with his first album and his first single and song. You can find video clip and lyrics of On The Road in the article. Enjoy this new music.

  Born in 1990, Hugo Barriol recorded his first single, On The Road, last year, then published his first album, EP. French singer and songwriter creates tunes in folk-rock genre, and his epic voice seems like to reach our ear more in coming years. We also added singer's other songs below the article.

Hugo Barriol - On the Road lyrics:

[Verse 1]
I'm sitting on the road
Watching the sky
This one is clear
The moon isn't here
The sunset is gone
There is no light
But our souls

On the road
Here we go
Fast or slow
We will be happy on the road (x2)

[Verse 2]
My pocket's so empty
And my wallet has no money
But we will keep on the road
We will keep on

On the road
Here we go
Fast or slow
We will be happy on the road (x2) [Bridge]

On the road
Here we go
Fast or slow
We will be happy on the road (x2)



Here is the list of other Hugo Barriol songs. Enoy listening.

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