Altın Gün - Leyla (Live at Vondelbunker, Amsterdam)

Altın Gün - Leyla (Live at Vondelbunker, Amsterdam)

Today, I want to present you another great example of Turkish alternative rock music. This time a great synthesis of old Turkish Rock style and modern Psychedelic Rock and a great group creating miracle with their covers of old Turkish rock music songs. Our first example in our blog is "Altın Gün - Leyla (Live at Vondelbunker, Amsterdam)". Click our article to read English-Turkish lyrics and listen to this great cover live on KEXP.

Leyla - composed by Neşet Ertaş
arrangements by Altın Gün
mix by Erdinç Ecevit Taken from the album 'Gece' - Releasedate; April 26 2019
Enjoy the album on your favorit music-platform; Pre-order:
For Europe (Glitterbeat Records)
pre-order: For US/Canada (ATO Records)
Jelle Weber
Boris Marijn
Sem Lingerak

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Source Channel: Altın Gün Link to orijinal source:

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