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  When it comes to electronic music, I am very picky; no songs without quality, creativeness, a philosophy even in a musical sense can attract my ears. NU, on the other hand, is a Berliner DJ and creates his own sets and songs-mixes with pure creativeness. Man O To (Eng. You and Me) is a quadrant taken from Rumi. Then, the outcome is definitely the anthem of love! A deep, meaningful and great song after all..

  Please listen to music video above in the article. Wait for the song accumulating into many sounds, starting with simple steps, clean, then hear the sound of a great quadrant written by Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet also known as Mevlana. Original lyrics of the poem "Man o To" is as follows:

Nu - Man o To (lyrics in Persian)

Khonak an dam ke neshinim dar eyvan, man o to
Be do naghsho be do soorat, be yeki jan, man o to
Khosh o faregh ze khorafat-e-parishan, man o to
Man o to, bi man o to, jam' shavim az sar-e-zogh

These lyrics are used in the song with a great vocal.

Nu - Man o To (Lyrics in English)

The pleasant moment of sitting in front of the door, me and you.
With two figures and two faces, with one life, me and you.
Joyful and careless, free from distracting myths, me and you.
Me and you, without us (ego), gather because of virtu (love)

Nu - Man o To (Lyrics in Turkish)

Saadet zamanı: avluya doğru oturmuşuz, sen ve ben
Endamımız çift, sûretimiz çift, ruhumuz tek, sen ve ben
Bulandıran palavralardan azade, gamsız bir keyif, sen ve ben
Sen ve ben, ne sen varsın ne de ben, bir olmuşuz aşk elinden

Enjoy listening to this beautiful song! Follow us to hear more fantastic musics..

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