Music is Universal (Music Blog)

Music is Universal (Music Blog) (32)

Another section of our blog created with the motto "The best music, you've never heard off!". You can discover many groups, artists and singers from all around the world in this blog. Feel free to suggest us more artists.

Rammstein - Deutschland (lyrics)

Music around the world is the most popular form of musical poetry. In our blog, we share lyrics of newest songs from all around the world. In this article, we will share Rammstein - Deutschland lyrics and music video. Enjoy. Click to read more.


Music - Altın Gün - Goca Dünya (Turkish Psychedelic Rock - Live on KEXP)

Today, I want to present you another great example of Turkish alternative rock music. This time a great synthesis of old Turkish Rock style and modern Psychedelic Rock and a great group creating miracle with their covers of old Turkish rock music songs. Our first example in our blog is "Goca Dünya" (Big World) originally sang by Erkin Koray in 1973. Click our article to read English-Turkish lyrics and listen to this great cover live on KEXP. 


Music - Hugo Barriol - On The Road

In our music blog established with the motto Music is Universal, we are trying to give place many songs from all around the world. Our latest discovery is from France. Singer and songwriter of folk-rock genre song, Hugo Barriol is our article with his first album and his first single and song. You can find video clip and lyrics of On The Road in the article. Enjoy this new music. (Click on title or image to read more)


Music - Eleni Vitali - Ena Xeimoniatiko Proi

As for music discovery in our blog, Eleni Vitali is a diva for us singing great love songs in Greek. One of the masterpiece songs by Eleni Vitali is in our article with its video and lyrics. Ena Xeimoniatiko Proi lyrics in Greek and English can be found in this article. Enjoy.

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