Altın Gün -  Bulunur Mu

Altın Gün - Bulunur Mu

Today, I want to present you another great example of Turkish alternative rock music. This time a great synthesis of old Turkish Rock style and modern Psychedelic Rock and a great group creating miracle with their covers of old Turkish rock music songs. Our first example in our blog is "Altın Gün - Bulunur Mu". Click our article to read English-Turkish lyrics and listen to this great cover live on KEXP.

Altın Gün - Bulunur Mu (Neşet Ertaş) LYRICS

öz gönülden yüze gülen
bulunur mu, bulunur mu
şu garip gönlümü bilen
bulunur mu, bulunur mu

olmalı cilveli, nazlı
hoş bakışlı, ceylan gözlü
tatlı dilli, güler yüzlü
bulunur mu, bulunur mu

bilerek gönlümü alan
gönlümü gönlünden bilen
gönlümün sahibi olan
bulunur mu, bulunur mu

garibim yoktur zararım
tükendi sabrım, kararım
her yerde onu ararım
bulunur mu, bulunur mu


Taken from the album 'Yol', released February 26 2021 and available through
ATO Records and Glitterbeat Records. Order, download or stream from your favorite music-platform;

To watch other music discoveries, please visit:

Source Channel: Altın Gün Link to orijinal source:

Meo - 2021 - Music Blog 'Mehmet Şentürk Copyright: All lyrics and video clips are licensed by respected owners and published in this website with references fully given to owners. Please write us @ [email protected] for any claims.


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