Machine Gun Kelly - why are you here [Official Music Video]

Published in Lyrics

LiteraryBlog music blog provides its followers with new or popular songs with video clips and lyrics. Published recently and released in Elif'in Hecesi with the title "Machine Gun Kelly - why are you here [Official Music Video] ", video clip and lyrics of this song is in our article. Please click to title or picture to read the whole article. Have fun.

Machine Gun Kelly - why are you here is available now:
Directed by Miles & AJ

Produced by: Kai Yuricich
Executive Producers: Austin Barbera


Billie Eilish - bad guy

Published in Music is Universal (Music Blog)

Today, I want to present you another great example of Turkish alternative rock music. This time a great synthesis of old Turkish Rock style and modern Psychedelic Rock and a great group creating miracle with their covers of old Turkish rock music songs. Our first example in our blog is "Billie Eilish - bad guy". Click our article to read English-Turkish lyrics and listen to this great cover live on KEXP.

A Life in Japan - Documentary (English with English subtitles)

Published in Documentary Blog

Today in documentaries series, we present you a new video called "A Life in Japan - Documentary (English with English subtitles) " documentary. You can click the title or image to visit article and watch the video. Details are in the article. Have fun watching.

Ever wondered how a life in Japan might be? 19 foreigners share their personal experiences, likes and dislikes. See the country through the eyes of, mostly western, foreign residents, who have lived in Japan between a few months and several decades.

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